Lockdown cannot be avoided if safety and prevention norms are not being followed : Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

Raipur. Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel said that we had to take the decision of lockdown in cities to prevent spread of corona infection. Chief Minister requested people to take lockdown seriously. He added that lockdown does create difficulties for people, but if people do not follow safety and prevention norms, then we cannot avoid the lockdown situation. This is the time for us to be concerned about the situation, to be cautious and to follow the safety measures seriously. Chief Minister was addressing people of the state today.

Chief Minister said that although situation in Chhattisgarh is much under control as compared to the other states, but in recently the number of infected patients is rising consistently. These are all the consequences of people not following the precautions during unlock. Recovery rate of corona patients is much better in Chhattisgarh and casualty rate here is significantly low. Mr. Baghel said that we are doing better than many states. With cooperation of people of the state, we would be able to do even better in the direction of preventing corona infection. At present, more than five thousand samples are being tested every day in the state. Soon this will be increased to ten thousand samples per day.

Chief Minister said that in our state, doctors are working diligently for treatment of covid patients. Large number of patients have recovered and returned to home after the treatment. Eight regional and 22 district level hospitals of the state have COVID-19 treatment facility. All the COVID Hospitals have sufficient stock of masks, PPE kits, triple layer masks, VTM and necessary medicines. Chief Minister said that he has directed the officials concerned to ensure availability of oxymeter. Chief Minister appealed people of the state to compulsorily wear masks, wash hands frequently and practice physical distancing, besides avoiding crowded places. If we take precautions seriously, we would be able to contain corona virus infection. State Government, along with all its departments, physicians, sanitation workers, police officials etc are busy in preventing and treating the COVID-19 infection. But if people do not take precautions, it would become difficult to prevent the virus. Mr. Baghel said that he has received the information about certain groups protesting against the collection of samples by health workers in certain areas, and are stopping them from doing the test. I humbly request these groups to understand the situation and its seriousness. These steps are being taken for well-being of you and your family. Kindly cooperate with the health workers, requested Chief Minister.

Chief Minister said that festival of Eid and Rakshabandhan is approaching. He extended hearty wishes of these festivals to people of the state and requested them to celebrate the festival only at their homes with their families. This is extremely necessary for prevention of corona infection. Chief Minister said that we will have to live up to our social responsibility by avoiding crowding at places. I firmly believe that we all would understand the seriousness of the situation and be cooperative towards prevention of COVID-19.

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