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 (Master Chhoturam, who has given thosands of stage shows in India and abroad, through his songs and anecdotes when we read biographies of our country's heroic martyrs like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Shaheed udhayam Singh as well as other heroic sons When presented on stage, the patriotism starts flowing. People get a golden opportunity to listen to songs which are full of civilized values and values in today's vulgar era.)

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-Research Scholar in Political Science, Delhi University


Since ancient times, humans have an unbreakable relationship with different arts. Sometimes artists’ fun, sometimes people of art have spread new colours in this era. It is believed that art like the soul is ajar-immortal, it is transferred from one generation to another and takes a new form. Today, the forms of art have become colourless. Artists have deviated from their objectives and are running after money which is like selling art. Today, pornography being served in the name of art is taking over society.


But in the midst of all this, there are still some artists in the country who are trying to save those ideals and values by giving new coluor to the ancient civilization of India. Yes, one of them is Master Chhoturam, born in the village of Barwa in the village of Siwani in the Bhiwani district of Haryana. Born in a farmer’s family, Master Chhoturam’s life has been full of struggles. His father, Late Richhpal Gaider , was a farmer from whom he learned to struggle and be patient.


Even after being raised by the father at a young age, he continued his studies and moved forward in the field of education and art. For the last four-five decades, Master Chhoturam has been making incredible efforts to connect the society with the ancient culture of India through songs written by him. Government teacher by profession Master Chhoturam is a well-known poet and well-known singer of Haryanvi-Hindi.

Master Chhoturam, who has given thousands of stage shows across the country, has a biography of our country’s heroic martyrs like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Shaheed udhyam Singh as well as other songs on stage through their songs and anecdotes. When presented, the patriotism starts flowing. In today’s porn era, people get a golden opportunity to listen to songs that are full of decent and life values.


Apart from all this, Master Chhoturam shares stories related to the ancient culture of India through video and social media for free in video and audio form, so that the ancient culture can be saved. He has done various colours of Haryanvi culture in his raganis and dramas and has carried them to the minds of the people. These programs can be seen and heard from time to time on AIR and TV across the country.


Singer poet-artist Master Chhoturam does not compromise his principles and art at any cost. Today, even when naked culture dominates in songs and anecdotes, they have kept their values and have released our historical and mythological stories by pocketing the money. Of course, they have been shared less compared to today’s sizzling porn videos, but in fact, they have made their invaluable contribution towards saving our heritage.


Pitrbhakt Shravan Kumar and Fashion Damnation are his first two audio albums which people are listening to even today after twenty years and are sharing on social media. “Kadade Gaye Nathu Surja” is his super hit song filmed on the changing culture of Haryana, which has been very much liked and shared. The historical narcissistic tale makes the audience listen to it throughout the night.


In fact, it is a great thing to maintain your ancient art. In today’s era, the younger generation seems to like substandard videos and audio on YouTube and other social platforms. In such a situation, the efforts of Master Chhoturam’s social songs are leaving a big mark. The media should publicize the efforts of such artists loudly. So that our ancient values can be kept away from this exploitative and vulgar culture today.

When artisans like Master Chhoturam do not compromise their art for money then why are we sitting at home? In order to exclude obscene songs from society, we have to give due respect to good songs and good artists, only then we will be able to give the real form of art to a livable society for generations to come. Folk arts are really the pulse of any society, we must make our children aware of these arts. Also, it should also be kept in mind that in this internet age of today, what our children are watching and listening to.


Good artists and their arts are true guides of society but it is our responsibility to choose them. The state and the central government should ban the songs blaming the people, especially on platforms like YouTube, for the bad culture of today. To find artists like Master Chhoturam, a government platform, and economic package needs to be arranged for them so that they can give further impetus to the efforts being made to save our culture.


Ragini like the master Chhoturam to the lives of our brave sons. Through dramas and anecdotes, there is now a need to take door-to-door through digital devices so that the next generation can pass on the ideals of our heroes to the next generation and we can hand over the good of our Hindustan whose dream Our martyrs saw it while giving their lives. That is why it is important that the central government should enact a separate law for the true artisans associated with such land and implement every state government according to their region, only then our culture,sankars and heritage will be saved.

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