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Poets from a dozen countries conducted a virtual poetry recital organized by the Manumukta Trust, Narnaul, Haryana


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A virtual international poet-conference was organized last evening by Manu Muktam Trust to commemorate the late IPS officer Dr. Manu Muktam ‘Manav’ in India, Nepal, Qatar, UAE, Russia, UK, Norway, Canada, USA, Fiji, Australia, and Poets from a dozen countries, including New Zealand, recited poems. The poet-conference organized under the chairmanship of Naresh Naaz, former Assistant Director of IB and senior poet of Patiala (Punjab), former advisor to the British Home Minister and Chairman of UK Hindi Committee, London, KBL Saxena is the chief guest and VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (UP) Vice-Chancellor of Dr. Nirmala S. Maurya and Dr. Umashankar Yadav, Chancellor of Singhania University, Pachauri Badi (! Raj) were present as distinguished guests.


After the prayer-song presented by Dr. Jitendra Bhardwaj, President of All India Sahitya Parishad, Narnaul, all the distinguished guests at the commencement of this poet-conference concluded under the inspiring conduct of Chief Trustee Dr. Ramnivas ‘Manav’ and efficient operation of Dr. Pankaj Gaur Paying emotional tribute to the said untimely death of such a promising and energetic police officer is an irreparable loss to the country and society. Subsequently, the famous poet Dr. Ramakant Sharma of Bhiwani (Hariyana) paid homage to the immortal martyrs through a poignant song – “Salutations to those who are scattered over Vasundhara ashes. Those who have gone home in the tricolor, He salutes them. ” Dr. Nirmala S Maurya of Jaunpur (UP) spoke of the pain of the people of Ladakh, apprehensive of the tension inflicted on Corona and LAC, while Rohit Kumar Kumar, editor of ‘Bharat Darshan’ Web magazine published from Auckland (New Zealand), expressed the anguish of the displaced workers Told Dr. Shweta Deepti, a well-known poetess of Kathmandu (Nepal) and noted editor of ‘Himalini’ magazine, underscored the importance of mobility in life by saying “Don’t stop me, move with me. Flow like a river that flows continuously”,


Then Seattle (US) poet Dr. Meera Singh emphasized coordination and harmony in life. Naresh Naaz, the senior poet of Patiala (Punjab), in his tinkling voice said- “Don’t be irritated like a beggar. Whatever you want, ask for authority.” Cannot extinguish the lamp that is lit by the heart. Never think in love, what is lost, what is found. “said, Suresh Chandra Shukla’ Alok ‘associated with  Oslo Norway. Dr. Ramnivas ‘Manav’, the well-known outlaw of the country, expressed something of the contemporary life reality – “Aajan Kaner, worshiped in the country of Vat-Peepal. The old banyan is silent, see the turn of time.”  The compositions were also well appreciated.


Participated poet-poetess: In this historic poet-conference that lasted for about three and a half hours, Dr. Shweta Deepti from Kathmandu (Nepal) and Harishprasad Joshi from Mahendranagar (Nepal), Dr. Sureshchandra Shukla from Oslo (Norway), Dr. Meera from Sister (America) Singh and Vinita Srivastava, Prachi Randhawa of Vancouver (Canada) and Dr. Preetpal Kaur of Winnipeg (Canada), Shweta Singh of Moscow (Russia), Sueta Dutt Chaudhary of Nausori (Fiji), Urmila Mishra of Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand) ) Rohit Kumar ‘Happy’, Lalitha Mishra of Abu Dhabi (UAE), Sneha Dev of Dubai City (Dubai), Baijnath Sharma of Doha (Qatar), KBL Saxena of London (UK) and Dr. Nirmala S of Jaunpur (UP) in India Maurya, Dr. Umashankar Yadav of Pacheri Badi (Raj), Dr. Vinod Pankaj from Chandigarh, Dr. Ramakant Sharma and Dr. Shivakant Sharma from Bhiwani from Haryana, Dr. Satyavan Saurabh from Siwani Mandi said there are not in the chaupal, the same thing as before! Breeds became urban, the countryside changed! As  recited the couplets on the rural environment, the old memories were refreshed. The participation of local poets like Dr. Jitendra Bhardwaj and Dr. Pankaj Gaur etc. was remarkable. After the poets’ conference, a letter of honor was sent and all the particcipatedl poets were honored.


Witnesses of the Kavi Sammelan: Dr. S. Anukreethy and Siddharth Ramalingam of Washington (USA), Manjula Thakur of Melbourne (Australia), Dr. Harvinder Chahal of Winnipeg (Canada), who provided dignity to the Kavi Sammelan with their significant presence online. Sachchidanand Mishra of Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Jinendra Jain and Dr. Subhash Chawla of New Delhi in India, Dr. Janardan Yadav of Araria (Bihar), Suresh Kataria of Mumbai (Maharashtra), Mrityunjay Prasad Gupta of IRS, Lucknow (UP), Sonipat from Haryana K. Purnmal Gaur, Siwani Mandi’s Priyanka Saurabh, Mahendragarh’s Dr. Pradeep Narwal from Narnaul’s Dr. Kanta Bharti, Dr. Vandana Nimhoria, Prof. Anju Rani, Prof. Hitesh Gaur, Krishnakumar Sharma, Advocate, etc. were particularly notable.


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