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(Tughlaqi order of Haryana government is bringing low-level children to government jobs. For hardworking and talented children with merit, there is almost no chance of a job in Haryana. Citing poverty and a government job for vote bank, Haryana This order of sharing the monkeys of the present government is on the way to destroy the future of the future. Only the extra provision of number five in Group C and D is eliminating the middle class. This curtained game of extra marks was not played there deliberately so that the children of politics and big families will not have any problem. Will this government also make a law under which the party from the party that wins equal seats in elections Should be given extra five seats, whose government has not been formed till now and its government should be formed.)

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-Research Scholar in Political Science, Delhi University



What kind of government is this and how is this Tughlaqi decree ?. Yes, we are talking about Haryana state adjoining the capital of the country, where the present government has done a ploy to woo the poor for their vote bank. In the Haryana government jobs which are making headlines all over the country, only in Group C and D jobs, the extra five marks policy is showing the way out before the hardworking and talented children sit in the exam. In today’s cut-throat competitive exam where hardworking children wake up overnight and prepare for the government job with full vigor, then they get a job.


But look at the Tughlaq policy of the present government of Haryana state, where the hardworking children are left in the final list with every mark and they are ready for the next time, where the Tughlaqi order will be given five numbers in the Retain for selection of the lower-level candidates. Is bringing Think where the child curses himself for half the marks, wishing that a question in the curse would do more, how to bring a lower level child to the merit by giving the benefit of number five would be so sad to the hardworking child who despite the high marks Got out of a job and employment race?


The Haryana government has made provision of extra five marks in the exam for government jobs for the children of those households who do not have any government jobs in their homes. How is this order ??? Direct Tughlaq Decree. For not having a government job, Marx also fixed not one or two but five whole. Who excludes anyone from merit. After all, what do they need? The Constitution of India advocates for extra provision for the development of economically and socially backward people but does not say anything to them that if they do not have these things then do some spacing for them. There is a provision for reservation for backward classes in the country, so why another reservation above this reservation?


Not only this, but this provision was also made only for A Group C and D so that the middle classes would clash. For the first class job, the children of the rich and rich houses of politics apply, so there was no provision of extra marks. Or simply say that the middle class has been strangled and ruined the future of children who are children of a government peon and who dreamed of becoming an officer or a bigger job than their father.


The peon takes a maximum of three to four lakhs of salary in a year. Whereas a businessman or big landowner and shopkeeper earns ten times more than a government peon. Despite this, the child of that poor peon will not get five numbers, and the children of traders, landlords, or shopkeepers who earn lakhs will get it. The quote of this Tughlaqi decree is the final result of the recent recruitment of Lab Attendant and Clerk recruited by the Lala Lajpat Rai University of Hisar. In which all the applicants were selected who had extra marks. The meritorious children should be guests till the examination, appearing in the cut-off and documenting verification. The children with the lower staircase lost their last prize.


Now two questions arise, what was the fault of those talented children who could not get a job because of the extra five marks? The Haryana government argues that the houses of government jobs have good economic status and they can teach their children in good schools. Now think only of you Can a peon with an annual income of three to four lakhs compete against a businessman or landlord who earns ten times more than a peon.


Are people with crutches who got jobs because of the extra five marks? More appropriate than children with merit. What will be the future of such government jobs ?. Especially the Education Department and Health Department, where these low-score candidates will serve. By doing this, the Haryana government is ruining the future of Haryana. At the same time, the constitutional rights of meritorious children are also being taken away. These unsuccessful children are not seeing any future of theirs today and tomorrow. It is not that they started on the path of suicide.


Almost ten tests of government jobs have been cleared and due to lack of extra five marks, stay away from the final selection. Bhiwani’s Deepender, Hisar’s Priyanka, Jind’s Manoj say that Dena is the government’s Tughlaqi and vote bank decree despite the reservation of extra five marks. He has asked the head of the government here that whether this government will also make such a law under which, by winning an equal number of seats in the elections, the party that is coming will be given an extra five seats, which has not been formed till now and becomes its government. He has said this openly to the Chief Minister of Haryana and the Prime Minister of the country. If they accept this, then even the meritorious students of Haryana will accept the extra five marks.


Today these houses are also unhappy with these five marks, where a child has got a small job due to lack of a government job, but now his good job and any other member in the house have closed to the job. Given the demand of meritorious children of Haryana, the government and the High Court should take immediate cognizance and balance this matter immediately. Otherwise, the unemployment plate and bells will continue to ring in every house of Haryana and the youth here will catch the path of the movement.

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