Unclaimed corpses, and coffins elsewhere

'Altered Dastur' may be considered the first Doha collection of Corona-centric Hindi.

©Dr. Satywan Saurabh

Research Scholar in Political Science, Delhi University

 Utilizing the Corona period, Dr. Ramnivas Manav, a senior poet and well-known DohaWriter of Hindi, has prepared a Doha collection titled ‘Badal Gaya Dastur’. This is Dr. Manav’s fourth Doha collection and his 54th book to be published. Which will be in the hands of readers soon after release. Giving information about the subject matter of the book, Dr. Manav told that in this Corona-centric poetic work, the coronation of Corona, China’s role in the spread of Corona, the problems of the lockout, the displacement of workers, the politics being done in the name of Corona, the business outlook. And there has been a poignant portrayal of subjects such as the economic exploitation of patients, the rise of deposits, the role of Corona heroes, the prestige of family values, the governmental impact on the environment, etc.


Dr. Manav clarified that suddenly one day a couplet was written looking at the coronary form of Corona, which was like this, ‘Unclaimed corpses somewhere, and coffins somewhere. Scattered evidence of severe disaster. After this, the writing process of Doha got started and about two hundred couplets were ready, then a plan for the publication of the book was also made. The title of the collection is taken from Dr. Manav’s last offering of couplets’ Apne sab lagne lge, Jo the Dil Se dur. Pal mein ghr pariwar ke, badal gye dastur. He said that this era of Corona is a witness to the great disaster and I am very satisfied that I have been able to pronounce it – ‘Kovid ka prakop kahin, kahin yudh ka Shor, Sakshi bna vinash ka, yah unmaadi daur.


While giving information about Corona-centric poetic works, Dr. Manav said that till now only 2 books have been reported for the ‘Lockdown’ of Oslo Norwegian Migrant poet Dr. Sureshchandra Shukla and ‘Corona Vikral’ of Acharya Bhagwat Dubey of Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh. is. Lockdown of these is a collection of poems and ‘Corona Vikral’ includes ghazals and songs in addition to couplets. Hence ‘Badal Dastur’ can be considered as the first Doha collection of Corona-centric Hindi. Dr. Manav told that soon after the release, his poetry work will be in the hands of the readers.


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