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(The youth of Haryana celebrated the birthday of Modi Ji by wearing black clothes on social media throughout the day and demanded that the results of all the recruitment of Haryana pending for the last ten years should be given jobs to eligible youth, carefully See, such a huge movement of unemployed youth from Haryana was the biggest movement in the history till date, which was above any party line. This movement was not only now but will gain momentum. If we have achieved, then the youth of Haryana have no way other than to take to the streets and celebrate unemployment day in this way.)

©Priyanka Saurabh, Hisar (Haryana)

{Research Scholar in Political Science, Poetess, Independent journalist and columnist}


On the birthday of Modi Ji, when the whole nation is celebrating happiness, instead of highlighting the merits of our Prime Minister, who emerged as the educated youth unemployed youth leader of Haryana, he was seen agitating in black clothes all day on social media all day. Wearing black clothes, the youth of Haryana shared the names of millions of videos on Facebook and Twitter, the names of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Haryana.


During the trends of Twitter, Khattar remained at number two, number one all day. The entire social media became black like Amavasya. See, the same thing was to awaken the Haryana government that the Haryana and Central Government should take cognizance of unemployment and unemployment, improve the recruitment process, improve the youth. If we look closely, such a huge movement of unemployed youth from Haryana has been the biggest movement in history to date, which is above any party line. This is not a movement yet, it will hold more momentum. The country’s number one Haryana has secured the first place in unemployment, so the youth of Haryana have no way other than to take to the streets and celebrate unemployment day in this way.


The biggest danger of the agitating youth came out over the years for the results of pending recruitment examinations and the socioeconomic criterion imposed by the current government in Group C and D recruitment. Looking at the results of hundreds of recruitments in Haryana in 2015, the final results of which have been written and documentation is done.


Socio was also involved in the youth movement regarding the economy. The present government has made a provision to give an extra five marks in any government job in the government job, which is not the government, meaning the applicant’s parents or brother-in-law or husband-wife. Today’s cut-throat competition from these points where the applicant’s job is confirmed without houses, the rest are left as mere form-fillers. Due to these extra five marks, if the recruitment of every recruit goes out to the top, what else is there?



After the Written Test in the recruitment examination, the provision of an extra five marks to anyone is a victim of hardworking children. Where there is a half-half number competition, five marks make a big difference. Reservation over reservation is not constitutional and moral. The youth demanded that the marks of Socio be abolished for the youth with reservation and one or two should be made for those who are taking the general category so that there will be justice with hardworking candidates.


2015 recruitment for pending recruitments in Haryana, SBC, EBPGC pending recruitment, ITI Re-advertised recruitment of instructors for ten years from seven years, waiting for eight years, Haryana Teacher Eligibility Pass J.B.T. Recruitment, Village Secretary, PTI, Steno, Aarohi, Teachers, and PGT & TGT All the millions of young people recruited should be together … and everyone came on the soil media saying their voice in unison.


Shweta Dhule, who is leading the youth, summarized the talk of the youth that we need a solution to every issue related to the recruitment. In addition to this, these DCs in the present night. The practice of recruiting on rate, deputation has started against us. Let us overcome the difficulties of youth by giving basic reforms such as Calendars of Exam, Defined Syllabus, Impeccable Question Papers, and Haryana Staff Selection Commission in Court Cases instead of hanging intentionally.


Silent support and wearing black clothes, the youth of Haryana is going through a serious problem of unemployment and wants a solution, not assurance, unemployment is a “problem” Government should take cognizance of it. The chief servant of that country has a question mark and the failure of the state governments. If there was no failure, the government would have taken cognizance of this movement and put its side before it. Did the government not know that the whole country would celebrate it as #National_Berozagari_Divas?


Before the movement catches fire, the central and state governments have to understand that unemployment is a serious problem in the country, this government should be controlled immediately and continuously recruited so that educated youth can put their energy in the right direction, if the country If the youth of future will wear black clothes and agitate, then who will handle the country.

“It is not my goal to just create a ruckus, I try to change this appearance!” The agitating youth, who have described themselves as their inspiration, said that their movement is not an undue opposition to the government. Our problems are justified, they should be addressed. The government should not shy away from making efforts in the interest of the youth before it becomes an issue of opposition, otherwise, it can prove to be an important ace for any power in turning the dice.

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